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Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair You Should Try This Year

by Ioana Stefan 05 Oct 2021

Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

Many women love the look of a fresh blowout or silky straight strands that have passed through a straightener. There’s no denying it: Heat styling can make your hair look great (for a while). But the high heat can really do a number to the health of your hair, especially over time.Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

While you may love your heat styling tools, there are plenty of heatless hairstyles that look just as (if not more) chic. Give your hair a bit of a break from the heat and try one (or all) of these great hairstyles instead.

Healthy Hair Care: Skip The Heat For Dry And Damaged Hair Strands

Why are more and more women deciding to go heatless? One reason is the time you save by allowing your hair to dry naturally. That, and some styles, like beach waves, are actually easier to attain without heat. But, as mentioned, likely the biggest reason why you may want to give heat styling a break is for the health of your hair.

Here are some potential downsides of heat styling:

  • Heat styling may affect the color of dyed hair.
  • Heat styling may dry your hair out.
  • Some heat styling techniques, like straightening, can break down your hair’s fiber proteins.
  • Heat styling may cause surface damage to your hair.1,2
  • Applying heat with a curling iron might damage the hair cuticle.3
  • Regular heat styling could damage hair follicles, which may lead to hair loss.
  • Frequent straightening might lead to more frizz.4

Quick And Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

Heat styling damage is irreversible.5 To avoid issues, you may want to take a break from the blow dryer as often as you can. And with so many quick and easy options for heat-free styling, you may find that gorgeous heatless style is easy to attain.

Prepare Your Hair For A Heatless Style

When you choose to go heatless, you’ll typically let your hair air dry before you style it. Just because you’re allowing your hair to dry on its own doesn’t mean that you have to end up with a flat, styleless mess. Here are a few ideas of products to apply and methods to try for air-dried hair.

  • For Very Thick, Straight Hair: Prep your hair with an air dry product spray, twist it into four buns on top of your head, and hold them in place with U-shaped pins. The next morning, remove the pins to reveal soft, wavy hair.
  • For Fine Hair: Wash your hair with products made for fine hair, wrap your hair in a terry cloth towel or t-shirt to absorb excess moisture, and remove the wrap when your hair is 50% dry. Try not to brush it or touch it after you remove the towel to avoid frizzy hair.
  • For Fine, Curly HairScrunch a curling styling lotion into wet hair and try not to touch it until your hair is dry. When it has air dried, flip it over and spray a volumizing spray to the roots to add volume.

For Thick, Coarse, Naturally Curly Hair: Apply a deep-conditioning treatment in the shower before you even start styling. When you step out of the shower, apply a moisturizing curling cream and let it air dry.

Quick And Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

  • For Thick And Poofy Hair: Gently blot your hair with a towel, spray on a leave-in conditioner, and comb the bottom half of your hair. From there, you can let it dry or pile it on your head in a loose bun to help give it volume.
  • For Kinky Curls: After washing, coat your hair with a moisturizing cream mixed with hair oil. Section off your hair, and twist it into two-inch sections, allowing each to air dry before you take them down.
  • For Straight Hair: For a beach wave look, mist damp hair with salt spray, divide it into two or four sections, and loosely braid each section. Allow braids to dry before removing hair elastics. To keep it straight, blot hair dry, apply a volumizing spray to the roots, and comb a styling cream through your hair.6,7,8

Once your hair has air dried to perfection, go out and enjoy your day or try one of these fun heatless hairstyle ideas.

Quick And Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

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